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Santa Comba Dão is a friendly picturesque town, located in the district of Viseu and has approximately 11.500 inhabitants.


Framed by the rivers Dão, Mondego and Criz, it is a beautiful and historical old town with an ancient, well preserved and well cultivated town centre. It offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere with labyrinthine alleys and small shops, that partly seem to derive from a different century. Furthermore, you can also find everything you need for your daily life, such as several restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies, hair salons and other shopping possibilities. Except on the second Wednesday of the month, there is a Farmers market every Wednesday, where you can find a vast diversity of offers from local farmers such as bread, sausages, clothes, shoes, flowers, handcrafts, fruits,  vegetables, etc.


Besides being surrounded by a lot of water through the conjunction of three rivers, the Dão, the Mondego and the Criz river,  Santa Coma Dão is the ideal basis for various excursions due to its location right in the middle between both, the mountains and the seaside. If you want, you can do both in one day: hiking or skiing in the mountains and swimming in the sea. Following, we want to outline only some of your possible trip destinations and activities in the area:


Ecopista do Dão

49km long biking path on a former railway road between Viseu and Santa Comba Dão, located in a beautiful landscape. Starting point is recommended in Viseu. Bike rental and transfer: Abelenda Bike Rental


Rotas dos Vinhos do Dão and wine tasting

Santa Comba Dão is located in one of the three Dão-wine routes, where you can find in total 43 certified vineyards to visit. The Dão wine region is the oldest wine region in Portugal and is known for white and red wines with a strong character. You can find good information in the Solar do Vinho Do Dão in Viseu, that is located in a former Bishop´s Palace.


Senhora da Ribeira

A beautiful river beach, located only 12 km from the Quinta Lusitânia. Here you find various facilities like a restaurant, cafés, water sport activities during the summer, a marina and BBQ-places. This river beach even won the the Gold Medal Award in 2018 & 2019 for the best water quality in Portugal.



Boat trips, aquatic sports, 4×4 Off-road Safaris and Paintball in Santa Comba Dão and the area



Fixed rope routes, guided hiking tours, water sport activities and boat trips in Oliveira do Hospital, 24km distance.


Serra da Estrela

Mountain region with a great offer of hiking and even skiing in the winter within 54km of distance.



30 km distance.


Figueira da Foz and Aveiro

Famous towns on the seaside. Aveiro is even known as the Portuguese Veneza. Both reached within 1 hour of driving from our Quinta.



Oldest University Portugals, that was founded in 1290. Historical town center, since 2013 UNESCO world heritage. You can visit for example the Convento Rainha Santa Isabel, the beautiful botanical gardens, or the University with its beautiful and ancient library. The distance is 54km.



One of the biggest roman villages in Portugal and a national monument in 70km of distance.



A beautiful and charming town that is a UNESCO world heritage and has been settled from different peoples within the last 2000 years. You will reach it within 30min of driving.


Aldeia de Piódão

Historical village that was built completely in schist. It is a UNESCO world heritage and located 60km from Santa Comba Dão.



Royal palace with historical Palace hotel and beautiful Palace gardens in 20km of distance.


Thermas de Luso

Thermal Spa in 30km of distance.


Museu do Caramulo

Biggest car museum in Europe, 19km from the Quinta.


Grao Vasco National Museum

National museum of Portuguese renaissance painters in 39km of distance.


And many more…

  • Town party of Santa Comba Dão: One week in August
  • Feira do Queijo Tábua: Cheese and foods festival in the neighbouring town in March
  • Feira do Vinho Dão in Nelas: week-long wine festival duration in September
  • Festa do Queijo Serra da Estrela: Cheese festival in March in Oliveira do Hospital
  • Feira de São Matheus: Annual fair in Viseu from August to September
  • Rally Vinho do Dão: Annual car rally in May