Yoga and Horse Connection Mini-Retreat

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The natural beauty of Quinta Lusitânia, horse interaction and the ancient practice of yoga combine for a memorable, uplifting experience at our Yoga and Horse Connection Mini-Retreat. This weekend retreat is a transformational journey that will expand and strengthen your body, mind, and soul, while facilitating a deeper connection to nature.


Our Yoga and Horse Interaction Mini-Retreat will bring you clarity and peace through the way of the horse and the practice of yoga. Horses can be a mirror for humans because they have a strong emotional sense. Yoga encourages a strong mind-body connection, helping us become more aware of our energies and the energies that surround us. Through horse interactions and yoga sessions, we will strengthen our sensory awareness and learn to tune in deeply to ourselves and to nature.

Enjoy daily yoga practices, meditation, a horse workshop, horse walking, locally sourced meals prepared by Miguel, and much more.



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Standard Suite Superior Suite Superior Suite

with 3 single beds

430€ 450€ 410€

All prices are per person.

The Superior Suite with 3 single beds can be booked by 3 independent persons without a private room supplement.


Per person and suite Standard Suite Superior Suite
For the whole retreat +80€ +80€

Like most yoga teachers, I wanted to teach yoga because of how profoundly it changed my life. I wanted to share everything I've learned so far. This healing, strengthening, calming, empowering practice is so much more than the physical postures. It also includes meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and an ancient philosophy that can guide you to a more peaceful existence.


Our thoughts are translated into feelings and emotions, and whether these thoughts are happy, loving, fearful, critical, anxious, or angry, they are stored deep in the body, in our connective tissue or fascia. A mindful yoga practice can help you become more aware of your thought patterns, and while this can sometimes be challenging, it is also an opportunity. An opportunity to observe. To understand. To accept... and to be compassionate with yourself. This process has the power to heal, empower, restore.


My classes are richly influenced by everything I have learned so far, giving students the space to explore what it means to move body and soul with integrity. I encourage deep listening and a healthy respect for each person’s individual journey.



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    24. – 26. March 2023

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