Colani – German sport horse, gelding


Colani is our senior and the “chief” of the herd. He has a wonderful character and is calm and friendly with everyone. He’s great for beginners as well as advanced riders and is also experienced in horsemanship and liberty training.

Flor – Lusitano, mare


Being the leading mare and super sensitive, Flor is not always easy under the saddle. Nevertheless, she is very respectful towards humans and has a wonderful character. A more challenging horse for experienced riders.

Almofada – Lusitano, mare


Almofada is the mother of Palmira and came to us as a rescue horse. Having a difficult past, she still doesn´t trust people easily, but she is improving every day and becoming more and more a sweet and reliable partner.

Pingo – Lusitano, gelding


Pingo is a cheeky horse with a strong character that likes to challenge new riders in the riding arena. Once you are approved, he is willing and motivated to please you. On hacking, he is super easy and relaxed.

Amanhecer – PSL – Puro Lusitano, gelding


This pure breed Lusitano is super relaxed and friendly with everyone. In the arena, he always tries to please his rider and his reliable character makes every hack a beautiful experience.

Valpaços – PSL – Puro Lusitano, gelding


Our beautiful Barbie-horse and youngster. Trained to become a horse for bullfighting, he is super sensitive and energetic. But he also loves relaxed hacks with advanced riders.

Fadista – Lusitano, gelding


Fadista is a really cool Lusitano-Arab cross, that loves to hack and is not afraid of anything. But don´t be mistaken by his fluffy look, he is full of energy and loves to work! An uncomplicated horse to fall in love with.

Palmira – Lusitano, mare


Palmira is our first foal at Quinta Lusitânia and born in 2018. She has an adorable character, loves cuddles and scratches and is super curious. Be careful, it´s not easy to resist her charm!

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