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While you wait, come meet the Quinta Lusitânia family, who is already hard at work to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Christina & Miguel

D. Miguel Baumgartner




Miguel was born in Portugal and lived most of his life in England, Germany and Brazil.


He speaks 5 languages, as he always travelled a lot and loves to connect with people.


After working as a top executive in international companies on 2 different continents, he has now returned to Portugal and dedicated himself to Quinta Lusitânia.


He loves to receive and entertain people in his home and his passions are cooking and good wine.


He is also a horse lover and rider and whenever his time allows, he likes to go on a relaxing trail ride or to cuddle with his favourite horse “Colani”.


Miguel is the present holder of the aristocratic title of Visconde de Valpaços.

Dr. Christina Igler




Christina was born and raised in Germany and her biggest passion in life is horses.


She is a veterinarian and horse dentist, as well as a riding teacher and horse trainer.


She has dedicated her life to improving the well-being of horses through her work, both from the medical approach, as well as from the training point of view, by using horse-friendly training techniques such as Natural Horsemanship and Bitless riding.


Christina has always felt a big curiosity for other countries and cultures and therefore lived in several other countries like Hungary, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.


At Quinta Lusitânia, she is now able to share her ideas and knowledge with other horse enthusiasts while enjoying the beautiful country and its people.




Cookie is the little princess of the Quinta and loves all guests and visitors.


Despite her past as an abandoned puppy, she´s addicted to cuddles and loves to be the centre of attention. With her happy nature, she makes everyone smile.




The real boss of the Quinta is Carlitos, or “Smallinho” as he is called by the family.


When he arrived from the local animal shelter, he was very tiny, but meanwhile has grown into a big and well-beloved cat. If you look up in the window above the garage, you might catch him staring down controlling what is going on on his Quinta.

The 3 Musketeers



Mausi, Momo and Pantufa are the guards of the stable and horses. They are extremely sweet and love cuddle, too. Be careful  it´s not easy to resist their charm!

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