Quinta Lusitânia Manor House


The Quinta is built around a 200-year-old Manor House, framed by a vineyard, a colourful and lush garden and large green fields, where you can watch our horses graze and play.




The Manor History


Located in the heart of the historic village of Couto do Mosteiro, a village that prides itself on its ancient history, With an ancient municipal autonomy and noble atmosphere that is still very evident in the land and its people.


Couto do Mosteiro belonged to the Order of the Templars, with a monastery since the year 915, which would have given name to the parish, long before the foundation of Portugal itself. As evidence of that time, you can still find today the beautiful and well-preserved Church right across the street from Quinta Lusitânia.


It is essential to mention that during the third French invasion of Portugal in 1810, Marshal Massena decided to take the route between Viseu and Coimbra passing through Santa Comba Dão, which took him to Couto do Mosteiro, where some of the Portuguese and British officers from the Duke of Wellington’s regiment stayed on the Quinta. The first fights between the troops happened only 100 meters away from the farm.


The Quinta has existed for over 200 years and has hosted several political, artistic and cultural figures of Portuguese society. Its founders were explorers and businessmen in Africa in the Belgian Congo between the 19th and 20th centuries. Still today, our Quinta is known as “The Quinta” in Santa Comba Dão, credit for its former importance in town due to its agricultural production





Located just outside the borders of the town of Santa Comba Dão, in the parish of Couto do Mosteiro, where the rows of houses make space for the green and wild nature. The main house offers six carefully equipped suites on two floors, a Club Room and a dining room.

On the spacious outside area, you can find various amenities: A free parking place for guests, with a very old vine arch, that connects the parking site with the house. A terrace, where you can enjoy dinner or a glass of delicious Dão wine. A pool area, that integrates an ancient stone ruin, that was transformed into a relaxing area, as well as a BBQ-place including an old bread oven.

Our pool offers you a refreshing feeling during hot summer days and the sunbeds invite you to take a sunbath and relax.


The 5 hectares of land, that surround the Quinta, include a vineyard behind the Manor House, a riding stable with all necessary facilities, an outdoor riding arena and large fields for the horses.

The spacious outside area welcomes you for walks around the estate, where you can not only enjoy the beauty of our horses and the peace of the place but also discover the diversity of trees such as Olive, Chestnut, Fruit and various others.

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