At Quinta Lusitânia, we are specialized on a horse-friendly approach of horse training, that takes the whole of a horse into account: its spirit, body and mind.

Before horses can be trained, we have to analyse professionally and from a holistic point of view the status quo and diagnose where the problem is. In case of doubt, we need to rule out any kind of physical problems, that prevent the horse to give the desired answer and to perform to our full satisfaction.

Once this has happened, we need to ensure, that our horse feels good and has the calm and trusting state of mind, that enables it to take up and process information. Then, the part of the training can start, where we want to form a physically and psychologically healthy athlete, that progressively gains more self-confidence, pride and expression. We emphasise thereby on a harmonic way of dressage riding, that keeps horses fit and healthy for a long life.

In order to achieve these goals, we combine knowledge from the fields of veterinary medicine, techniques of natural horsemanship and horse-friendly dressage riding. We are specialized on bitless riding, but are also open to use simple bits, when necessary or requested.
At Quinta Lusitânia, we offer tailor-made training for you and your horse – no matter, if you have a specific problem, or if you want to advance your horse’s training to the next level, using a holistic and horse-friendly approach. We offer livery in combination with training over shorter, or more extended time periods. The goal should always be, to teach not only the horse, but also the owner, to enable human and horse to understand each other better and to form a unity together.


Contact us for availability and prices.
Please note, that we are not able to keep stallions on our premises, as we have a mixed sex herd.

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